I believe I owe a good-bye to the people who’ve read these posts in the past and even to those who will read them in the future. My two years as a masters’ student in PH have finished in June. Perhaps because I continued to work in the public health sciences department in order to prepare my thesis for publication,  I didn’t really feel like my master had finished. But I did realize it last week, when noticing that a new orientation week for international students has begun. I’ve “been through” two, one as a new student myself, one as a digital ambassador. Lovely events, lots of fun, as I remember- but the fact that it was that time of August again took me completely by surprise this year! 

In any case, to those who’re starting their studies tomorrow, as well as to those who’re thinking of applying,  I can say one thing: be excited, because PH is an exciting field. Luckily, that’s also what I can honestly tell myself 🙂

All the best!


2 thoughts on “Good-bye!

  1. Thanks for the proper sign-off, Ioana. It’s been fun to follow your studies, especially since you were one of the Master students to welcome me at KI last year when I got started. Without further ado, I wish you a successful career and have fun until you get to where you want to be!


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