A look back at summer 2013


The new semester will start tomorrow so I thought it will be very interesting to write about my summer experiences as an international student.
At the beginning of June, the first year of the master in Bioentrepreneurship finished and since the middle of July, I stayed in Sweden and enjoyed the nice weather! The weather in Stockholm was very good this year in comparison to the weather last year. The temperature was about 22 to 25 degrees and the sun was shining almost every day. I had a lot of free time to think what I learned during the year and search for internships and master thesis projects.
The rest of July, I went back to Greece where I spend time with my family and relatives. The temperature in Greece was around 35 to 40 degrees! I really felt as a tourist in my country after being used to the temperatures in Stockholm.
Above all, August was the most intensive month. During August, I visited 4 different countries (Germany – Switzerland, France and UK). I lived in South Germany  from where I was commuting every day to Basel, where I was attending a summer school regarding the regulation of pharmaceuticals. This summer school helped me to gain more knowledge about the field and what I want to do regarding my master thesis! Then, I visited Paris and London with a friend for holidays!
During this summer, I had the chance to meet knew people from different countries and background! My studies, here, in Sweden helped on that by developing my open character and improving my social skills. Sweden is a very social country and KI has a lot of social activities that help the students to meet each other and establish friendships.
Now, it’s time to focus to the new courses and start planning our future career steps.
All the best,

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