It’s summer!..and I’m feeling all summery

The summer has been great so far and I am trying not to walk too much while exploring more of the city. Stockholm is just so beautiful that it made me try bicycling after twenty long years just so I could go around the city and the different islands. Stockholm city bikes is a good initiative that lets you get a season card for 300 sek and a free helmet. Bicycling, kayaking, roof top hiking-I’m planning to do all these and much more. There’s just so much to do in this city that it might leave me almost penniless if I don’t really think about my bank balance and my generous dad being annoyed.

Gröna Lund
Gröna Lund
Gröna Lund
Gröna Lund
BBQ with the Medicor peeps
BBQ with the Medicor peeps

Work has been hectic. They have decided to give me a hefty stipend for the summer internship. I would still warn students who might be/are planning to do a summer thing at KI or any other uni, it’s still pretty tough to get a stipend/salary. I do know a few people (both swedish and international) who tried hard to look for a paid internship.  As I am helping a part-time PhD student with her analysis, there’s a lot to do. There are days I have to work from 8 am till 7 pm. But it’s still fun and challenging although I do get grumpy every now and then. There are also days of properly done experiments going wrong.  But what’s the fun of having that perfect ELISA result when you don’t get a few bad ones.

So I went for a walk...
So I went for a walk…

Have a lovely summer and looking forward to meeting some of you this September!

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