Gotta love KI!

Amidst of all the exams and classes at KI, there are still people and places that are fun and interesting enough to keep me breathing. As the students are having their term finals, most have already made plans for the summer. I still need to book my tickets for the long awaited trip.

So coming back to the fun and exciting things apart from studying, the word MF  (medicinska Föreningen) is quite common for a KI student to stumble upon. MF is one of the two student associations active at KI. It is also one of the biggest student associations. They arrange parties, proms, pub events and more to strengthen the social life of KI. Working with them has been so much fun but also hectic and my friends had to bear with my bad mood swings.

The relaunch dinner!
The relaunch dinner!

We just had a big relaunch of the MF magazine Medicor which was almost being cancelled. The new issue was praised and was considered a big improvement. There were still a few editing mistakes but we are planning to work harder for the next issue.


I’ve got news for the ones enrolling during the Autumn, MF is planning a better orientation program for the new students and I am being pushy for a whole day event instead of having it just for a few hours. So the students would get to know more and decide whether to join any of the committees. I should start studying now since the exam for the course Histopathology is on Wednesday. Have a great weekend!

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