My experiences as a volunteer at the WoHIT

This year the WoHIT conference was organized in the lovely city of Dublin between the 13th and the 15th of May. As a student at Karolinska Institutet, I had the opportunity to take part in that big annual event as a volunteer.

There were many reasons I decided to join the conference as a volunteer instead of a regular attendee and the most important one of course is skipping to pay the registration fees. As a volunteer, I got free registration, free accommodation, free meals and free invitation to exclusive events. Sounds great, eh? In return to that, I (together with the other volunteers) were doing some tasks like for example assisting guests to find their way, assisting speakers…etc. This sounds simple, but as a matter of fact, these tasks take some effort and time more than one could expect.

Although I was given the task of being at the main Information Desk, I managed to organize my time to be able to attend some interesting sessions (thanks to my helpful colleague who is also another student from KI) and see some very inspiring ideas and projects done by either private companies or different governmental organizations. Moving around between different sessions and exhibition booths made me more confident about making the right choice when I decided to study Health Informatics. I realized the growing need for such kind of knowledge and different people who are capable of applying this in real life.

The main challenge I concluded though is that studying Health Informatics as a general field is no longer enough. The term itself is wide enough to include dozens of sub specialties that are very important to the field of Health Informatics and consequently Healthcare.

I will definitely write more about the sessions that I attended and some of the inspiring ideas that I saw but I just came back to Sweden and my final course for this semester is waiting for me, so stay tuned for more reflections about the conference.

The view from where I was standing!
The view from where I was standing!

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