Swedes love their Summer! And now I know why!

The sun’s out! The skies blue! And Swedes are outside! Anywhere and everywhere!

This weekend I made another trip to the countryside! Here’s how the last few days have gone…

Sometime's all you need is nothing for everything!
                          Sometimes all you need is nothing for everything!

Lots of thesis work (whilst looking out to a green field with Lake Mälaren in the background), followed by a 5Km walk around the countryside (think pin drop silence except for the humming of a tractor and the twittering of birds, think the smell of grass and blooming flowers, think of nothing and you’ll feel how I felt…totally relaxed!) The evening came with the smell of grilled sausages (aka hot dogs). This made me think of a school trip where we camped in wooden huts, and sat outside around a fire and ate hot dogs straight off the grill! Anything that takes me back to fun times had on school trips is a good thing in my books!

No bad place to write one's thesis!
                                                  No bad place to write one’s thesis!

Lots of thesis work again! But this time I was able to look forward to an even longer walk: 8Km! Oh such fun again! This time it was the changing scenery that I loved the most, from forests with trees so high that looking up made your head spin to vast expanses with nothing but rolling field after rolling field! The evening was, yes you guessed it, grilled food! This time grilled steak together with Bernaise sauce, salad, sweet chilli sauce, buttery asparagas and roasted potatoes! Let’s just say it was heaven on a plate! The evening didn’t end here! We decided to take a car trip around the countryside, along the way we saw deers, sheep, horses and even a rabbit hopping cheekily over some fields! We caught a glimpse of local history with a ruin stone! We saw the sun setting around the clouds! We marvelled at the beautiful ripples being made by folk returning home on their motor boat! We enjoyed every minute just taking in the scenes!

The future's bright!
                                                            The future’s bright!

Today is actually the sunniest day here yet! And all I can think of is ice cream! Our plan for today a trip to the local ice cream parlour!!

Hope your Summer has started well! As you can see thesis writing for me is being perfectly balanced with sunny days, grilled food and countryside fun times! 

2 thoughts on “Swedes love their Summer! And now I know why!

  1. Clear blue sky and summer arriving jealous Canada is still awaiting for summer to kick in

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