Halftime (& Belated Congratulations)

This past week, those of us in the global health program reached the midway point of our thesis work. The occasion was commemorated with a conference in which we all had to present our progress up to this point to prove we haven’t just been lounging on the beach or whatnot. Those of us outside of Sweden joined via Skype, and it was nice to see all the beautiful faces back in Sweden. 

It’s a little strange to have reached this point, because it’s dawning on me now that the year is already almost over. I remember this time last year, when I was just starting to make plans and think about the upcoming year. The thesis seemed plenty far away, but with all the changes and new experiences the year really does fly by. This might be one of the few drawbacks to the global health program – it ends too soon. That said, when you know you only have one year, you tend to live a little more adventurously, and I think the global health crew will have at least two years equivalent of experiences by the time things come to an end in June. 

Currently, I’m in my last few days in El Salvador, just finishing up the last few pieces of my work here before I go back to Sweden and start writing frantically to finish by thesis by the May 14 deadline.

Finally, I just wanted to join in and offer my congratulations to all the newly accepted students, particularly the global health-ers out there. I’m actually a little envious that you have the year to look forward to. Those of y’all who decide to attend are in for an incredible year. (I can say that with confidence now since the scariest parts of the thesis work are behind me.)


One thought on “Halftime (& Belated Congratulations)

  1. Hello simon,
    I loved reading about your experiences in the program am thinking of applying for the global health program for the 2014 intake.However,i am a little skeptical about the opportunities i can get post the study.could you elaborate on the placements post study.
    Thank you

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