Statistics: a total blast!

Admitted friends to the Master Program (Epidemiology track): this is going to interest you a lot. Mostly because is hand-in-hand information about two great courses you’ll have. Both are consecutive, but the first one is under the basic format (first semester), whereas the second one is its sequence and the advanced format (second semester). Yes, guys, believe it or not, I am talking about Statistics.

Personally, one of the main reasons I applied to this Master Program was because I needed to improve my personal research skills as an MD. Of course, that includes -at least for the area I’ve been working for the last 2 years of my life- a huge weight of statistics. In other words, creativity can arise if you have some bits and pieces of everything about Epi in your head, but when you actually get more into this area of knowledge (statistics) you’ll perceive how this creativity automatically triggers, and a whole different dimension of research opens inside your mind. Why? Because you have more tools now. It’s like knowing the ABC, but now learning how to build words. With this, I’m not saying that after you have taken these two courses you’ll be a genius in Stats, but I can assure you’ll understand and comprehend so much more than you thought you were. Yes, you’ll finish very tired after each one of this five-week courses, but you’ll feel really happy and pleased with what you’d learned. Trust me!

Besides the main contents of these two courses, you’ll find extraordinary people leading them: Joel Monarrez-Espino (Basic Statistics) and Antonio Ponce De Leon (Advanced Statistics). With heavy backgrounds full of experience, they have both developed great lecturing skills (including a great amount of patience, of course) in order to pull the whole class together, and take it up to the same level. This might sound as an obvious and easy thing to do for a lecturer, but it’s really challenging in a scenario of students coming from different countries, with different backgrounds, and with different strengths.

I’m not going to lie here. At the end of both courses it is very likely that you’ll feel truly exhausted, mostly because there is a lot of information given in five weeks, and at the end you have to be capable of integrating this information for your finals. Don’t worry, these are challenging, but not impossible. I’m sure you’ll do a great job. My advice to you is to never ever move on to a further topic without really understanding the actual one. Joel and Antonio always show great disposition towards answering questions, clearing doubts, and giving examples. So don’t hesitate to approach them; they are great course leaders capable of homogeneizing the group in order to make sure that each one understands the topics, and ends having a satisfactory course.

Joel & Antonio:


5 thoughts on “Statistics: a total blast!

  1. Hi Andrea,
    Great blog you have here! It was quite pleasant talking to you today in the afternoon. I am looking forward to the studies at KI and this blog will defintely be a companion.

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