If you want to be tough but technical…

In a recent discussion with fellow KI colleagues in my kitchen, there was the creation of something quite amazing. As per usual, corridor mates and myself were trying out a new attitude with each other. You know, just for fun. The usual conversational gems were present, phrases like “where’s my money” and “do I need to bring out the big guns?”. But then it hit one of us; a phrase so deliciously tough yet nerdy that it broke the whole room into laughter and set off a barrage of similar one-liners. For your enjoyment I offer them to you now.

“Don’t make me open up a can of protease on you!”

“But that’s just the tip of the GWAS!”

“Man, I’m gonna light you up better than GFP!”

“I’m gonna knock you out like p53!”

“I will end you like a freshly cleaved apoptosome!”

“I will ubiquinate you so fast!”

It’s nerdy, I know. Some of these may even make you cringe. But be proud of yourself. Be proud that you know WHY they’re so fantastically awful. And please, feel free to try them out on your own. Who know’s! Maybe you’ll be able to put enough feeling into it to actually make someone feel threatened by the protease you carry around with you all the time. 😉

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