A bit of this and a bit of that

Hej! I have been able to get over the fact that the cold will stay here in Stockholm till April but I am just so glad that the sun is shining again…this is way better than the gloomy winter. Updates would include me finally finding a lab for my Master’s thesis, joining the students’ union magazine Medicor and then trying my best not to lose my mind with all the school work or might I say all the pending school work (me=slacker but a good catch up girl).

The interview with the supervisor at the department of Pharmacology and Physiology was great! Apart from her trying to read between the lines and me blabbering weird things at times, I assume that I did manage to wow her. A longer interview has been planned after Easter along with her whole group when she would really start planning my project. Even though the talk with the supervisor felt positive I should say that it wasn’t a smooth one. I was asked about the basics of Immunology and Neuroscience and I managed to answer a few questions (I had no idea that my brain could be this efficient). Then there were the usual questions regarding my background and future plans.

The student magazine is being re-launched this spring. So I decided to get involved- what better way to spend my time instead of lazying around. The first meeting was held last Friday. It was nice meeting a variety of students from different departments of KI. All of them were so driven yet so much fun to hang out with. During the second meeting the tasks were handed out and I am just so excited with my one. I will write more on that in my next post. I will stop writing now since I have to finish my lab report and procrastinate. All this takes time. Have a fun weekend!

The Editor in-Chief, Medicor presentation
The Editor in-Chief, Medicor presentation

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