LIME has moved!

No, I’m not talking about this “Lime”

Lime fruit
Lime fruit








LIME at KI stands for Learning, Informatics, Management and Ethics (

Health Informatics master’s programme at KI is conducted by LIME. By the time we started at KI (Sep. 2012), we got our lectures and had our meetings in this building which we shared with lots of other students from different programmes.

Berzelius väg 3

After spending some time in that building (to be more specific the first term and part of the second term), we were told that we’re going to move to a newer building on the other side of KI’s Solna campus.

The move for us (students of Health Informatics) was scheduled early March 2013. Yesterday, we had our first lecture in the new building. I have to say that it looks very modern, the atmosphere is a bit quieter here compared to the other building (maybe there are fewer students here!). The available facilities (microwave oven, fridges, places to sit and/or eat or work , toilets, internet connection…etc) are very nice and well functioning (so far! :-))

Generally, many of us have a positive attitude towards the new building and our new classrooms. I guess we’re only missing a cafeteria inside the building, but maybe they are working on that 🙂

The only drawback we noticed is the poor mobile signal inside the building owing to the fact that it’s made of thick concrete which blocks or at least weakens the mobile phones’ reception.

Looking forward to seeing the new students at the new LIME campus!

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