Company Visit & New Course

Hello again,

In this post I will write you about the Maquet company visit and our new course. At this point, I would like to mention that I didn’t visit the Maquet company because as I have already mentioned in my previous post, I had been to the other company.  

According to my classmate Katrine Bryne who visited Maquet and provided me with the following information, at the visit they got a general tour in the company and they went to see the production line and how this worked. Furthermore, they also got an introduction about Maquet’s products and an overview of how they functioned. You can find more information on the company’s website:

Currently, in the MBE programme, we have started a new course called: Market Analysis. In this course we will learn the insights of marketing and the available marketing tools, why do we need a market analysis and the process of creating a marketing plan in the life science sector. We will have to sit a written examination, to write and present a marketing plan and to analyze case studies. 

The majority of the students in the programme are very excited about this course as we have science background, and this course is our fist contact with the marketing in the life science sector.

As tomorrow is the 1st of March, I would like to wish you to have a happy new month and for all the applicants good luck with the results at the 27th of March!

Until next time,


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