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Our course “Product Development in Biomedical Industry” finished in the Friday 18th of February with a written examination and now, it is time to write you about the opportunity we (as MBE students) had been offer to visit two companies in the Medical Devices field. The visit was arranged by Karolinska Institutet and we were divided into two groups depending on the company we want to visit. The available companies were Elekta and Maquet. In this post I will write about Elekta, which I had been to.

Our scheduled visit was at 5th of February at 9.00 in Elekta’s offices in the central Stockholm. Elekta’s employees guide us to a lecture room where we had 3 presentations regarding general information about the company, Elekta’s product management and the company’s innovation processes. After the 2 hours presentations, we visited one of the company’s show rooms where we had presentation of one Elekta’s product.

You can find more information about Elekta here:

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