Valentine’s Day Coffee Hour

Hi everyone!

I reallly hope -Spanish speakers- have enjoyed my last post done especially for you, guys. Thank you for all your emails, once again.

January is over, and Valentine’s Day is getting closer now. Believe me I’m the least corny person you can get to know yet I do have my own “romantic style” which, of course, includes a lot of smiles and good humour. I have always believed love can’t exist without good humour.DSC_0033

My friend Anneliese Lilienthal -an extraordinary human being and Global Master’s Student- and myself will be hosting for Saint Valentine’s Coffee Hour next Thursday February 14th at KI, from 16:00 to 18:00 pm. For those of you who are not aware of what Coffee Hours are all about, I can briefly say they are weekly afternoon events worked out by students with the purpose of spending time with other students -international and non-international, as well-. It’s a way to pour out a little bit of your week activities, plans, and of course a way to meet new people and make new potential friends, too.


So… Back to Valentine’s Day… We are planning to have an awesome Coffee Hour filled with laughs, games, and surprised activities for all of you who’ll come.

For those of you who think these activities will only include couples, don’t you worry. Valentine’s is not just for sweethearts, but for friends, too. Being under a relationship with someone is not a requirement for this day. Not at all! The purpose is to meet new friends, enjoy, laugh, and have fun with a very good excuse named KI’s Coffee Hour during Valentine’s Day.

We really hope you can join us, and bring with yourself The Most Important Thing: A GREAT ATTITUDE!!!

Have fun, and stay tuned for further posts 😉

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