The Master’s Thesis, Part 2

It’s been a while since I gave an update on my progress on my thesis. The thesis makes up literally half of the global health program, and many of us had very little idea of what to expect from it until we got here, so in order to let those interested in global health know what they can expect, I wrote an entry a couple months ago when I was still in the phase of looking for a project. A lot has happened since then.

For one thing, I have since found a supervisor and a study. My supervisor happens to be from my home institution in the US, but ost of my classmates have supervisors at or at least affiliated with KI. This is a lot easier to arrange and work with than what I’m doing, but it just so happened that the best opportunity I found was with someone back home.

We recently had to turn in our project proposal (a roughly five page document describing our plans) for approval when we came back from our winter break. The proposal only requires a moderate level of detail, so now, in the last weeks of coursework before we transition to work on our theses full time, most of us are working out the many remaining details of the study design, which is daunting because many of us are new to this process.

My project is a study of emergency ultrasound use in a pediatric emergency room in San Salvador, El Salvador. I won’t bore you with the details, but essentially we are studying what ultrasound is being used for, how it has impacted patient care, and what lessons can we learn from this hospital’s experience/challenges/successes of integrating ultrasound into their daily practice.

Yesterday, I booked my plane tickets, so I will be out of Sweden from mid-February to late-April. A long time to be away when I only have one year here, but I think the experience will be well worth it.

More updates to come soon, I hope.

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