Current Course

Hello again,


Today I am going to write about the course we are studying now! It is called “Product Development in the Biomedical Industry” and as the title stated, we learn the insights of the product development. 


In detail, we:

  • learn the insights of Intellectual Property regulations in the Life Science Industry (Pharmaceutical, Biotechnology & Medical Technology Industry)
  • explore the regulatory affairs on the product development (in different countries)
  • analyze case studies ( 3 cases and 1 case exam)
  • develop our own business plan for a product which will cover a specific need (co-operation with the CTMH program from the KTH)
  • visit life science companies (more updates on that next week)


We, also, have a lot of guest lectures with lectures from pharmaceutical companies, organizations and academia!


If you need more information don’t hesitate to contact me!


Good luck with your application!

 Until next time,


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