Winterbreak Travels

January has been a busy (and wonderful) month. We in the global health program were out of classes from ~December 20 to January 13, although we were not totally free. The winter “break” is time designated for thesis planning, and on January 14 we turned in our project proposals for approval. More on that to come.

But work or not, I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to travel. So I ended up writing my proposal on the go, which was not easy (in terms of staying disciplined), but well worth it.

One of the things I appreciate the most about being in Europe is the proximity of everything and how easy it is to travel. This adventure took me to Istanbul, Bosnia & Herzegovina, and Spain. There was no precise reason for going to those particular countries in one trip, we just picked based on a combination of curiosity and convenience and figured things out as we went.

I’m hoping to squeeze a couple more trips like this before I go back home. Will keep you updated πŸ™‚

Istanbul by night.


The famous bridge of Mostar, Herzegovina.
Sunset in beautiful Almeria, Spain, with beautiful global health peoples.

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