Time for Master’s thesis!

Hello everyone!

I m finally back to blogging after a hiatus. A little late but a very happy new year to all! Hope this new year brings the best of health and happiness to you!

The clock is ticking and i can’t believe i m gonna step into the final semester of my masters’. Its time to start our master thesis. The master thesis for the Biomedicine program is a 30 credit lab project. Preferably in the same elective track that we choose during the beginning of the second year.
My master’s thesis would be in Clinical Neuroscience, specifically in Parkinson’s Disease, investigating the role of estrogen receptor for the symptomatic treatment of Parkinson’s Disease. Master thesis project is the third and the final lab project during the Biomedicine program.   The first two being, Junior research project in the second semester which is optional and the mandatory 16 credit project during the third semester.We are allowed to work in the same lab for the Junior research project and for the master thesis. I think being in different labs for the three projects gives us an idea of about the various labs and makes it easier to choose if we want to continue in any particular lab for further studies. The duration of the thesis  project is for 20 weeks and at the end of which we are required to submit a report, present our data and also oppose one of our fellow classmates’ report.

I also realised the deadline for the applications to KI is ending soon! Good luck to the new applicants and best wishes to all the students in KI for the start of the next semester.

Stay tuned for more blogposts and have a great week ahead

One thought on “Time for Master’s thesis!

  1. Hi Sushmitha,

    Can you please tell me what sort of Bachelors course have you done?
    I have a three year Bachelors course in Biotechnology, Genetics and Bio Chemistry. Will i be eligible for this program?

    Please let me know. I have already applied but want to be sure.


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