Glædelig jul og et Godt Nytår

Hej all,

As we gear up for 2013, I would like to give you a little descriptions of how Sweden’s neighbors to the south celebrate Christmas and New Years. Way too much food, way too much beer, and just enough fireworks for a small militia. That’s right; I’m talking about Denmark.

The Danish Christmas eve is probably much like that in Sweden; hanging out with friends and family, snacking and relaxing most of the day (unless you’re in the kitchen making the amazing dinner yet to come). At some point in the afternoon, you will probably all sit and watch Kalle Anke’s Jul, or Disney’s Christmas special, and watch all of your favorite characters and songs.

Towards the evening, everyone will gather at the dinner table and enjoy a traditional Danish Christmas meal. Along with two types of  potatoes, there will typically be either flæskesteg (pork roast with the rind still on) or a traditional Christmas Duck. Both are amazing if you have the right cooks in the kitchen, so it’s hard for me to recommend one over the other. 

After dinner, it’s time to rest and relax once more…

As opposed to America, the Christmas day celebration seems usually a bit more subdued and less focused on.

Now, I’ll admit that New Years Eve is usually celebrated with fireworks throughout the world. But in Denmark it seems that from the 26 and on, it’s open time to blow stuff up. If you’re anywhere in Copenhagen during the intermission days between Christmas and New Years, you’ll hear almost constant explosions from people lighting off fireworks. And if you’re anywhere near Copenhagen’s Christiania you might swear that you are under attack from some of the characters from “Mad Max”. 😉  Nevertheless, if you see it done by professionals in Tivoli or Rådhusplatsen, it’ll be a good way to bring in the New Year.


That’s all from me for 2012. Hope you all have a great start for 2013.



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