Nobel Week Dialogue

Hello again,


Today, I am going to write about a remarkable event I participated three weeks before. As you might know, the Nobel Prize Award Ceremony takes place every year at the 10th of December in Stockholm. This year, and for the first time, the Nobel Media AB organized the Nobel Week Dialogue in the 9th of December. The theme of this year Nobel Week Dialogue was “The Genetics Revolution and its Impact on Society”. 


It was an one-day event where honorable guests (famous scientists, policy-makers and thinkers) from research institutions and organizations participated in discussions about science and society. The theme was inspired by the 50th anniversary of  the award of the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine to F. Crick, J. Watson and M. Wilkins for thee discovery of the molecular structure of DNA. The event was structured in two parts: the basic structure with the Morning and Closing lecture and the middle part with the Parallel afternoon discussion panels (3 streams).


After the completion of the morning lectures, I participated in the Stream 1 discussion panel with the theme: “The Promised Land of Genomic Medicine: Where Can the Science Take Us? – How Do We Actually Get There?”. I found this discussion very influencing and motivating both for the upcoming entrepreneurs and health care providers because it made me realize all the efforts science community have made to improve the health, what needs are still to be covered and what is the future of the health development. Additionally, I felt extremely privileged that I had the opportunity to be a part of this discussion and to listen the experts in the field talking about the future obstacles that our generation will face and deal with.


The next Nobel Week Dialogue will be held in Gothenburg next year. I hope I will have the opportunity and the free time to travel to Gothenburg in order to attend this unique event next year.


Thank you for reading!


Happy Holidays & Happy New Year


Stream 1 Discussion Panel
                                          Stream 1 Discussion Panel

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