Better get cracking on those applications!

Hello all,

As we start to get closer to the January 15th deadline, I would like to impress upon you all the importance of the online CV. This is, as you may be able to tell, a very personal and detailed account of who you are as a student and scientist.

Among being able to explain all of your experiences with different fields of work, research, and other experiences, you have a chance to write a personal statement. The downside is that you have a very limited amount of characters in which to say everything you would like to say. It’s for this very reason that I wish to encourage you all to write several drafts, have them critically reviewed by peers and willing superiors, and and try to polish and re-polish your personal statement more than any other section. 

The personal statement can focus on anything you would like to say. But there could be things to focus on and some things to avoid. Try to think about what KI would like to hear from you and about you. What sets you apart from everyone else? Do you have any key skills that make you an invaluable member of a research team? Maybe you have a very determined and driven spirit? It’s up to you to sell yourself in the most professional and honest manner so that the admissions boards at Karolinska will want to buy.


Remember, the deadline is on the 15th of January. This means that it is crunch time. Luckily for those in Europe and America, I know that you guys have some free time right now. Make use of it! Spend, maybe, and hour and a half every day for the next few days and really give it your all.


Good luck with applications and admissions,


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