2012….Hej då! (Bye Bye)

I’ve never been a big fan of goodbyes. Probably because I’ve had many close people whom I had to say goodbye to.

I don’t think that I have the same attitude towards saying goodbye to a year (ask me the same question when I’m 70 though!).

“What have I achieved through the year?”. A question that we always ask ourselves whether directly or indirectly. I have some friends who list both the good and bad things that happened and try to have a plan for the next year. Some others just go through the important events wishing they could change some details.

I tend to be among the other group. It’s easier for me to visualize events than to write them down in lists trying to figure out what the good ones and the bad ones were.

In 2012, I witnessed dramatic, quick and unexpected changes in my home country, Egypt. I managed to finish learning Swedish, got an interesting temporary job that both affected my understanding of the Swedish society and gave me much experience. I got admitted to the programme that I wanted and already enjoying my time at KI. Many of my friends settled down and got married, but I lost one of them who passed away… C’est la vie!

All these events are of a great importance in my life and in the lives of others, but there’s one particular thing that I think I managed to learn in 2012 which is to fight. I’ve never been a fighter. I always tended to give up once I realized I had less chances of obtaining my target.

The best example to demonstrate this was my application to join KI. I had had difficulties getting a place at KI. Starting from problems related to getting sufficient supporting documents  delivered from Cairo where so many protests were standing in the way of me getting them on time and ending by the dilemma of financing my studies. If I had been “My old me”, I would’ve given up after facing the first obstacle. I’m glad I managed to get rid of that old me and fought for my place.

Have your goals set and do whatever it takes to get there!

Wish you all a happy new year and hey, we’re not dead as they predicted! 🙂

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