Health Informatics II (more info & links)

Dear Health Informatics interested students,

I know many of you still have lots of questions about the programme at KI and about the field itself in addition to career opportunities and more.

Vasilis Hervatis (Vasilis Hervatis,, +46-8-524 822 78) is the course coordinator at KI. He’s a VERY helpful person and he can answer all your questions that are not covered by the programme outline page (Β  and ΒΒ (Just beware that the 2nd link contains the courses that we 2012 students are currently attending and that some of them might change next year!)).

Vasilis speaks English, Greek and Swedish, so feel free to contact him in any of those languages. If you have questions that are NOT related to the programme and are related to admissions, write an email to admissions at KI (

I personally had contacted admissions at KI (because of some problems I had with the website) and they usually reply quickly and offer all possible help, so just feel free to contact them.

Since the programme is divided into 2 years, so right now there are students who started this year and others who started last year (call them juniors and seniors) and you can easily contact us via facebook ( or write me an email and I’ll answer your questions (if I can) or direct you to those who can. There are currently many students from all over the world attending the programme. There are students from Sweden, Greece, India, Bangladesh, Germany, Egypt (me!) and more. That means that it’s even easier to communicate with us in different languages and get more info from students with similar cultural backgrounds.

That was all about contact information. I wrote a previous post ( where I tried to talk about what Health Informatics and its applications are. Of course I didn’t cover all fields where Health Informatics is of a use. I’m not always in favor of using Wikipedia, but check Wikipedia’s link about Health Informatics ( and take a look at the References and the External Links sections in order to get a better idea. (I included some more links in my previous post as well)

Good luck with your application and see you all next year at KI (hopefully!) πŸ™‚

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