Sneak Peek into Masters in Biomedicine at Karolinska

Hey all!

Its application time again!  For those  applying to Karolinska’s Global Master’s program in Biomedicine and wanting to know more about the program, here is to you some information about the program and courses offered.

The following are the subjects taught in the 2 years of the program,


Advanced preparatory course in biomedical research.

• Frontiers in translational medicine.(covers the basics in a variety of fields like Tumor biology, Neuroscience, Cardio vascular diseases and immunology)

• Biomedical communication 1.

• Laboratory animal science.

• Biostatistics.

• Bioinformatics.

• Elective course (science to business/proteomics) or a junior research project in a lab.


• Elective concentration. (Advanced level courses in one the elective tracks you choose: namely, Neuroscience, Immunology, Regenerative medicine, tumor biology or Nutrition.

• Elective project. (a 10 week project with a research group)

• Biomedical communication 2 and 3.

• Degree project. (Master thesis project with a research group or a company for about 20 weeks)

Within these two years, you have countless opportunities like working with different research groups, Erasmus program to other reputed universities etc.

You can get further information about the program at and also have a look at the program website for more detailed information on the courses offered,

Good luck and as always stay tuned for more blogposts!

2 thoughts on “Sneak Peek into Masters in Biomedicine at Karolinska

    1. Hey! You can check my blog or the blogs of other biomedicine students in Sweden in touch from last year. We have written about most courses in year 1. I ll try to give more info about the courses in the forth coming blogs. Good luck!

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