Snowstorms have their advantages!

It’s been a cold week in Stockholm and in many parts of Sweden. Temperatures went to around -20 at night and the most common way of saying hello when you meet your colleagues has become “Hey, it’s so cold!”.

Today (5th of Dec) things have gotten even worse. It’s snowing non-stop (almost a snowstorm). You can imagine all the problems that take place during such harsh conditions. Means of transport get stuck and are almost always late. If you’re traveling by train, just forget to leave or arrive on time. If you plan to walk…Well, yesterday when I was walking from the station to my place, I was all covered by snow that you can hardly tell the difference between me and the snowman. Some colleagues even complained about the internet service being unstable…The list can go on for a long time!

Don’t know if it was fate or that our course coordinator can read the future, but according to our schedule, we don’t have any lectures today. Instead, we have to sit at home and read long chapters of a HUGE book (1000+ pages) in order to be prepared for the next lectures.

Now back to the title I wrote “Snowstorms have their advantages”. I mentioned many  disadvantages of snowstorms, but let’s look at things from another perspective. Yes, going out now seems like a big risk (unless you’d love to become a snowman), but if this is not the case, then staying in is the best possible option. In other words, many people are forced to stay in. This leaves us (HI students) with no other options but to to read the required chapters (or do other pending assignments). I assume it’s the same case for many other students who had plans to go out tonight and are now sitting in front of their computers reading or finishing assignments instead. In addition to that, we’re sort of forced to explore all the indoors activities that we can do which we tend to replace with outings. Simple as they might be (some hot chocolate and a book), they can be much fun.

I’m sitting in front of my computer trying to read and at the same time looking at the snow from my window. I don’t want to sound weird, but I think that looking at the falling snow and at the very white/grey horizon is somehow peaceful and inspiring.

Here’s the view from my window!

Window view
Window view

Back again to my book (waaaaaaaaaaaaaa!)

3 thoughts on “Snowstorms have their advantages!

      1. oh well can’t say that I have adapted..still coming down with fevers every now and then, so I’m always overbundled whenever I go out.

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