Wrapped up the second course and giddy :)

Story of my life….

The notion of continuing in science seemed scary during my undergrad days, but I must say the voyage, so far, has been great. I had my final for the second course- Target organ toxicology. The final was a home exam for which we were given almost 6 days, of which I spent the first two days lazing around. Being a severe procrastinator I had to suffer the consequences but then again I never learn.  The questions demanded reading (lots and lots of it), thinking and assumptions. And the answers were to be short and specific, so they also needed a good compiling ability. After wasting two fine days, I had to lock myself up in the room so that I could hand it in by the given time. The four days were intense which also involved the two big C’s- carbs and coffee.  The students had to look up specific information but at the same had to give their own opinions or make their own assumptions. So after four days of constant digging through journals and books (and not to forget gorging myself with the two C’s), it was a relief when I finally mailed the answers.
Tomorrow we start off the next course, Health risk assessment and this is a completely new focus for me. Well hoping for a good start, for the time being I will make myself some hot chocolate and probably watch a movie which fits perfectly with my laziness and this weather. Speaking of the weather, it has been snowing a lot and all that snow did brighten up Stockholm 🙂

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