Time for…fairy tale!

These weeks are very busy for our group as time of numerous deadlines has come. Homework assignments, group projects and scientific poster design to name a few. To be able to work hard I need a “charger” that gives me positive energy. Last weekend I decided that “fairy-tale method” would do well and went to Skansen!
Skansen – is a huge open-air museum in Stockholm. Everyone knows, that it is a perfect place to go if you have children as they have a lot of children attractions. But I was enjoying it as if I were a child.
To begin with, we were lucky to find Christmas market already working in the centre of Skansen. It was a magical place where everyone could find something interesting: Swedish hot vine “Glögg” degustation, freshly baked ginger cookies and pastry, postcards, traditional Swedish presents – everything and even things like “Korv lottery (Sausage Lottery)” and “Ost lottery” (Cheese Lottery).
korv lotteryost lotteryWe were enjoying Christmas market for quite a while and finally moved further. This time we managed to go to 1850’s and see how Christmas table looked like in those days. Butter as a symbol of well-being, and porridge for desert!
The whole day in Skansen was full of surprises for me. Those of the readers who are from former Soviet republics will understand me after looking at the following picture.P.S. this house looks exactly as the house from Russian folk tales about Baba Yaga :):)

But most fun we had with  squirrels as they were not afraid of people at all. Not surprisingly that they were in the centre of everyone’s attention.

DSC_0598DSC_0605Skansen provided me with four hours of positive emotions and feelings and thanks to that  I came home ready to fight new deadlines. May be my “fairy-tale recipe” can help you as well? Anyway, we have never be too old for enjoying a fairy-tale, it is so much fun!

Have a nice week, cheers!!

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