Advanced courses

This semester has been one consisting of three-week long advanced courses in statistics, health economics, healths systems and policy, and health care management. Now, one might ask, how advanced can a student get in a three-week period? The only answer I could come up to is that less structured and less formal tasks, combined with demands to find solutions to complex, real-life problems really advances one’s thinking in a certain field. In other, simpler, words: when it’s difficult and the motivation is high, everyone wants to do a good job, and therefore works hard.

This Friday comes as sweet relief, really, after two weeks of playing the roles of managers who had the task to improve a care process for a specific condition in one of Stockholm’s hospitals. Here I am, at the end of a 7-hour shift and almost giving up on understanding how information travels in such a huge organisation such as a hospital.533860_10151314563750428_395728703_n

We (my group and I) figured it out after all, after which we got very confident in the results of our observations and interviews, and we came up with recommendations of interventions to be implemented in the hospital in order to eliminate waste.However,  after our assignment was done, we realised that our recommendations might not work, when considering them from a different perspective, so, we started doubting, for the millionth time, our approach. I wonder, how do life-long researchers handle such fickleness- which I believe will always arise??? I hope to be able to say that there are some ways to cope with this in June next year, when I will be done with my master thesis.

Oh, my, such heavy topics for a Friday night! I’m off to the KI pub now. I’ll continue this line of thought tomorrow. No peace for the wicked (at least not too much) 🙂

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