It’s past midnight on a Sunday night, I’m lying in bed, urging myself to fall asleep but everyone know’s that if you think of sleep, as you try to sleep, you’re in no way going to succeed in your mission to sleep. So I stumble out of bed and decide to sit down for a few minutes. At the back of my mind are all the things that happened or didn’t happen this weekend: the revision that I feel was largely finished though I know was really not completed, the many phone calls to family a far and the catching up on errands, oh and the crisp Winter air caught whilst walking through the island of Djurgården.

One thing that is common to all these things is perspective…and something which has become more obvious whilst here in Sweden, studying the Global health course is perspective…What you feel, think, do, how you act, what you say, and all the decisions you make depend on your perspective, which in turn depends on your background, knowledge, experience of things in life.

During my revision this weekend, I was led to the Global fund website – I’m currently learning about Health Policy, Finance and Management so the words Global Fund have cropped up a few times in lectures. I was having a general look at the website when I noticed some photo blogs, each photo told a story, some related to HIV others to TB or Malaria, the three diseases the Global Fund targets. The stories whilst short, were compelling, you could tell, how each story came from a unique perspective, and you only needed a photo and 100 words to tell you what this perspective was.

And then I recall the phone call to my Mum on Friday evening and then again today. She was the same Mother I always speak to, and I don’t complain, she is always so concerned and takes so much interest in everything I do. She was talking about this and that and once again, everything she said was based on her perspective of things! I often get into a heated discussion with my Mother, it’s because she’s trying to be a traditional mother and I a modern daughter. Our perspectives on things are fined-tuned through our own unique lens on life…

And then there was the walk through Djurgården. Djurgården is an Island, one of the 14 making up Stockholm. It’s a beautiful part of Stockholm, arguably my favourite, you feel quite close to nature with the brown-green-orange leaves from tall tree branches hanging over the roads, the slightly muddy footpaths and the fact that Skansen, an open air wildlife park is very close by. On occasions you might notice an old tram, slowly crawl by….I smile because I love old trams and trains, they whisk me away to a time I’ve never seen, my imagination runs free. The close by Vasa Museum and the distinct Nordiska museum also add to this feeling of being close to nature but also history. The Vasa museum houses the Vasa ship, which sunk on its maiden voyage close to it’s departure point, the museum, is another of my favourite’s in Stockholm! I mean it’s an entire ship, inside a building….and it’s steeped in history and tells so many individual stories. I guess you’re wondering what does perspective have to do with all this, well, as you walk along the pavements, you see what captures your eye…so what your eye captures might not be what someone else see’s…

One perspective of the Vasa ship. Thanks to Oscar Eriksson for the picture.
Skansen – an outdoor park where you might find a few surprises. Thanks to Oscar Eriksson for the picture.
My favourite type of transport mode…an Old tram – Thanks to Oscar Eriksson for the picture.

What I’m trying to say is there is so much to see in Stockholm and so much to do and the Global Health course is no exception, classes are filled with heated discussions, sometimes you try to defend your perspective with full conviction but on the odd occasion you’re led into a sense of confusion, what is right, what is wrong…what should I feel. There is no right answer….most of the time. But for me, being here in Stockholm was definitely the right answer.

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