Unique Assignments

Hej hej,

Today I want to share with you some experiences that I had in the Master so far! I’ll write about two assignments that I had to prepare and I found them interesting and unique!

Interview Assignment

My first assignment was to perform an interview in a person who has entrepreneurial activity and the same background with me. At the first glance, I wasn’t sure If I was going to do that but after some planning I performed the interview with great success! We had to hand-in a report presenting the interview with a storytelling way. I met the person that I interviewed at the morning and we talked about 1 1/4 hours. I asked him a lot questions about his background, his thoughts and aspirations, his start-up company and about Stockholm as a business city. His answers and advices was interesting, helpful and very inspirational. I, finally, had the opportunity to talk to a person from the industry that I want to work for and ask all the questions want. It was definitely one of the best assignments I have ever had in my higher education.


Communication Task

Another assignment that we had to prepare was called Communication task. We had to prepare a 3 minutes talk for any subject we want to and to present it to our classmates and our professors. This talk was recorded and after all the speeches we sit all together and watched the talks by providing feedback on what we have to improve or change. This was for me a unique task because it was the first time that I had the opportunity to watch myself during a presentation and to get feedback for that. It helped me to realize my mistakes and what I have to improve to my future speeches and presentations . With one phrase, this task was about “facing the reality”. 

I’ll come back soon to give you some insights from the first courses of the program!

Don’t hesitate to contact me for any information!

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