2 years masters [check!] What next!?

Hej guys!

I believe this is one of those daring questions, which pop in the head of every master student or a prospective masters student every once a while. It’s one of those parasitic questions which bug you until you feed upon some mood revitalizing munchies (chocolates) or just watch a whole season of big bang theory till you waste enough time to have none left to care about it anymore! But the matter of the fact is that it indeed is an important question and stares very much at your face all.the.time!

How long before you care?

So, I thought about it. “I don’t know” doesn’t work any longer. I believe the second year of your masters is a pretty good time to get it straight in your mind, where all this is heading. Possible options could be a PhD, a job, follow-your-passion job, or just learn Swedish since I have a European passport (and look for a job!). In the second year, we get into the phase of specialized courses, and an interest in a specific module can in fact help you decide whether you would like to look deeper into that. For e.g. I really like the case studies especially the ones which portray the development of a long term health system IT solution. This rings a bell in my head that I might like to help in the design and implementation of health systems in hospitals. So my next logical step would be to plan my future path which leads to something to do in this field. The bottom line is that it’s really important to start weighing the subjects mentally in the second year. Every module is a new avenue.

PhD or job?

This question is a very vital one as it’s the one question which requires a completely different approach for each of it’s options. Again the secret lies in “listening” to the modules. If I like the idea of working in a field which I found interesting in a module, a job sounds cool, but if I find a field intriguing enough to make me feel I can contribute further to fill the gaps, I will focus on finding out more study options. The ‘control’ in this scenario is the point that are you ready for a dedicated commitment? A PhD is a big one! You need to be sure that you can eat, pray love this topic for next 5 years. If you have this urge in you, only a PhD will satisfy you! (Plus you’ll be called a ‘Dr’ and will get to nail a golden nail close to the library, which is super cool!)

Network. Anyone can have your answers!

You don’t know! but someone does, could be anyone, so talk to everyone! Communicating with people around you is THE most important when you don’t know what to do. I believe that studying in KI is not only about the course but also a huge opportunity for networking! First thing there are amazing minds around you all the time, secondly, it gives you an amazing launchpad! Imagine you are in a meetup (www.meetup.com *NOW* or wait! after this post) and you start introducing yourself by stating that you are a student at KI. Now, the person in front of you has no idea how you are performing, but the first impression is that you are worth KI! and for a head hunter, that’s an eye candy. Now, this would be the very moment you should skillfully make your intentions regarding your plans clear. People love KI, and they don’t know your shortcomings much, great!

Finally, Internship. Worth just 30hp? or an opportunity?

The internship I guess can prove a major turning point and can actually shift your inclination complete 180 degrees! At least during my bachelors, I learnt more during an internship than my whole 4 years of training. I firmly believe that the internship is the key to turn your mind. So choose wisely and harness the opportunity!

Well these are some points which I have personally found helpful. I guess if you realize your points soon enough, you can definitely make a seamless transition to the next step (wherever your heart takes you! 😛 ) without any time gaps whatsoever!

Loads of luck! Feel free to get in touch! 🙂 (remember networking? 😉 )

One thought on “2 years masters [check!] What next!?

  1. Hello!
    Dear friend,
    I have applied for the Joint Master’s Programme in Health Informatics at KI for 2013/14 years. I have got the notification of selection Results. I want to ask you that, I have applied for the Scholarship, so how can get to know that weather I have admitted on scholarship based or on regular based.
    Thanks and Regards,
    Zia Mustafa

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