Multi-tasking…lessons learnt…

First, sorry for my lack of presence on the blogging scene this last week! Suddenly I feel like there are a thousand and one things to do! My head is filled with lists: shopping lists, work lists, email lists, Christmas lists and the list of lists goes on. As such, I thought that it would be useful to write about (and also unload from my already overloaded mind) all the things that I’ve been up to and things I’ve learnt in the last week. (Please note, the lessons learnt are merely based on my experiences and may not be suitable for everyone!) 

The Master’s course is well and truly underway, so much so that my thesis is now confirmed and I’ve started working on it with my supervisor! My supervisor is based abroad so much of my discussion with him will be via skype. However, this week I had the chance to meet him in person as he was visiting Stockholm. We spent some time discussing how to understand the background of the topic in question and also what timeline I would be working to. My task for the next four weeks is to read, read and read some more!

Lesson 1: establish good communication with your supervisor – they will be your guidance for the thesis part of the course, if you have any problems, big or small, discuss these with your supervisor rather than continuing up the wrong path! 

The social scene is as active as ever! With trips to the opera, meals at unique restaurants, invites to various dance parties and trips to places both near and far! I feel that life is always about balancing work with play! And being here in Stockholm is no exception! If I attended every event I was invited to I probably wouldn’t get any work done….scratch that….I definitely wouldn’t get any work done! This said you’ll soon learn what you need to do and how much time you need to invest, at an individual level to understand your course material.

Lesson 2: establish a good balance between work and play! If you feel you’re the sort of person that needs to work more, don’t forget to get out and socialise…even if it seems easier to stay inside, in the comfort and warmth of your apartment! You’ll feel very good and supported once you mingle with friends and family and you’ll be extra efficient and working after! 

With Christmas just around the corner, there is a lot to get done both in terms of work and also in terms of meeting friends and visiting family! And for my friends and family I need to buy presents! Depending on where you come from, you might find the prices here in Stockholm quite high. As such, I know people who have tried to buy Christmas gifts abroad, either whilst on holiday in a cheaper country or whilst visiting home. This said, there are presents you can find that are not extortionate and there is something about taking back home presents from the country you’ve just visited! I myself, will do a mixture of buying gifts here in Stockholm, making my own gifts, shopping online and visiting shops back home in the UK!

Lesson 3: know your budget when it comes to shopping! If you have a small budget, bring non-perishable things with you from home and shop online and if you have a larger budget…enjoy shopping in Stockholm! 🙂 

Ok, I think that’s all for now! Work calls! Enjoy the week! 🙂

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