Moving on up to the north side: How to find affordable housing in Stockholm

As I am sure you are beginning to apply to KI, I want to impress upon you the importance of applying for housing early. Like really early. Like, as soon as you’ve found out from University Admissions that you’ve been accepted, you should be opening a new window in your browser and starting your application with University Accommodation Center. It is NEVER too early for international students to apply for housing with the UAC (that is if you know that you’ve been accepted to KI). You can start your application at this website;

Also, for those of you who are applying for a two year program, it may be a good idea to start applying and collecting cue days on the SSSB website. This is due to the fact that UAC cannot house students for more than one calendar year. So, once you’ve applied with UAC, try also to apply with SSSB at Here, you need to start collecting cue days, which start counting up once you’ve started an account. Finding a place to live depends on whether or not you have enough cue days. The amount of days you have also will have an effect on whether you can find a whole apartment or room in a corridor setting. So sign in and start collecting!

However, there is one little issue with applying to SSSB. That is that you need to be a member of a student union. And for Karolinska, there is only one student union, Medicinska Föreningen.

This student union is very closely associated with KI; they even have their Stockholm headquarters on the KI campus. You can look up more information about them at their website at Again, if you want to start collecting days with the SSSB, you need to be a member of MF. This means filling out the application and paying the modest fee (currently 195 SEK) to join. SSSB will check the student union roster every semester to make sure that you are still a member and this will be the only way to keep collecting days.

As those of you who will apply to SSSB will see, it is important to log into their system at least once every three months. This is so they know that you are still interested in receiving housing through them. So please keep logging on and don’t forget about them. We don’t want to see you in November without a roof over your head! It only gets colder from there on out.

If you’re a severe procrastinator, don’t despair. There are also private leases you can find throughout Stockholm and the greater area, but these can be much more expensive. And let’s be honest to each other, we’re students here. We don’t exactly bring in a lot of money right now.

If you have further questions about housing with UAC or SSSB, please don’t hesitate to contact them at the following emails or in SSSB’s case directly on their website:

Medicinska Föreningen

University Accommodations Center


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