Biomedicine-Year 2 project

Hello all

I realized i have been writing so much about about life in Sweden, so i thought i should write a post about what i am  currently up to with my studies here at Karolinska.
Currently, all of us in the Biomedicine program are involved in a short research project for about 12 weeks, giving us 16 credits.

The main goal of the course is to prep us for the Master’s thesis which would start in the final semester. We are required to give a research proposal about the project we are involved in and at the end of the project we are required to do a poster presentation and also submit an abstract.

The topic that i m working on at the moment is “Chronic Fatigue Syndrome” Chronic fatigue syndrome is an illness of unknown aetiology and can be triggered by physical, mental or infectious components. The patients with CFS exhibit a variety of minor and major symptoms, such as, severe fatigue lasting for about 6 months that doesnt recover even with rest, cognitive impairment, flu like episodes and severe impairment of daily functioning. Inspite of many researches done on CFS, there is no clear understanding of all the biochemical processes that can lead to chronic fatigue which results in no clear biomedical test to diagnose or treat the illness.The aim of this project is to look at the role of humoral immunity in Chronic fatigue syndrome as there is very limited data available on the same. Hopefully looking more into this hypothesis would help in treating CFS in the near future.

That`s it for today´s post. Good luck with your studies and have a wonderful weekend!



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