November happenings

November could not have a worse beginning for me, my laptop stopped working on 4th and my birthday was on 7th (yes I still remember the date, thats how sad I am). My laptop is sitting somewhere in the dark at the service centre and I am getting in and out of my bad moods.
Coming down to more happenings, I signed up for this mentorship program organized by KI alumni and friends. The one year program gives the student an opportunity to start networking and planning ahead. Each student has a mentor from the respective field, both mentor and mentee are given exercises to work on together and are also supposed to have meetings if both are in the same city. My mentor is a former KI student and now doing his postdoc at the Rockefeller university in New York. We exchanged a few emails and it is nice of him for all the time he has been giving. But the program is not supposed to spoonfeed the mentee, quite the contrary. The mentee is mostly responsible for arranging the meetings, topics to discuss and improvements he or she has to make to reach a specific goal. My mentor was nice enough to let me choose the topics I wanted to discuss.

Then there was the Band of Horses concert on Friday and it was worth the price I paid and the effort I made to get the tickets. I was a bit dissapointed at the crowd since most were just so stiff, clapping every now and then. Only a few were really enjoying and with enjoying I mean jumping up and down with joy, clapping and whistling all the time.
I think I should get back to reading my papers for the PBL (Problem based learning) we have this week where we are given a case which involves a certain organ-this time its kidney. The students work in groups and try to come down to a conclusion with the case, writing a report and then giving a presentation on the same. I just thought what could be a better way of procrastinating than writing a new post..way better than watching mindless television.

Band of Horses

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