The weather here in Stockholm is getting colder as the days go by. It is not as cold as many think, mostly because the city does not feel as humid as Chicago for instance. I think this is because the air here feels so clean. But more than the cold, the darkness over winter is more prevalent than the temperature. There is a noticeable difference everyday as the sun sets 5 or 10 minutes earlier each day. I don’t think I’ll be worried about the darkness though. Swedes are very warm and kind, and spending time indoors with them would seem to make up for the lack of sun.

Although the weather is changing, I still hear that people are going out for hikes and jogs around the city. A couple weeks ago, a few friends of mine and myself went to Nackareservatet, a forest reserve. Close by there was a ski hill that we started at. After climbing to the top we could see outlines of buildings in Gamla Stan (old Stockholm). Unfortunately it was cloudy that day, otherwise we could have seen the entire city from that vantage point. After we climbed down we began the trail around Nackareservatet. There was a separate trail for those that wanted to bike through the reserve and those that wanted to walk. This particular forest reserve had several beautiful lakes that we walked around, probably more than once. When walking through a place like that, it is easy to get lost in your thoughts and conversations. Between that and avoiding the puddles of mud, not one of us was concentrating on exactly where we were. We eventually made it back to a cabin right on the lake and close to the bus stop. We decided to sit down and take a break for a bit but during the same time we noticed a couple outside swimming in the lake. I thought they were crazy with how cold it was! While walking around the lake we were bundled up in jackets, hats, and gloves. I couldn’t believe their courage but they wouldn’t stay in the water too long when they went in. After resting for a few minutes we continued onto the buss.

The buss we took broke down temporarily at one of the buss stops. It took maybe 15 minutes to fix. We were all in a good mood so this didn’t seem to bother us the same way it bothered others. This is something to worry about in the winter though when it starts to snow. I keep on being told that the closer we get to winter there is a higher chance that public transportation will fail more and more. I can’t say that I’m excited about that but lets see what happens. I finally made it back to Stockholm Central Station. Ending my journey for the day, I found my train home and fell asleep on it on the way.

Until next time,
– Kazem


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