W-E-E-K-E-N-D :D

I love the weekends..they make me act a bit cuckoo from friday 4pm till sunday 1 am, from monday I start wearing my nerdy shoes and being my nerdy self. Although KI does give a student enough time for self-study and theres no cut-throat competition or pressure that you have to worry about but the whole week involves so much learning that during the weekends you just want to get away from your room. So what can you do in Stockholm during weekends? well its just so much and if you have a big fat wallet so much more. As a student it was hard or me to stick to the monthly budget for the first two months. You want to go out- sightseeing, shopping, partying or for fika but then you realize that you are broke at the end of the month since Stockholm is an expensive city. But I did learn a few tricks to have a good time and stick to my budget at the same time.

1. Check for clubs that host more promotional events. Club Debaser is one of them and they have free shows every now and then. You can also have a free entrance if you go at 7. Even though 7 is a bit too early but it is better than paying and you always have your friends with you so time just flies by.

2. Make friends or try to spend more time with the exchange students. Sounds weird but trust me these people are here for a few months so they always have their eyes and ears open for different events. I am lucky to have quite a few exchange students in my floor and they are always upto something!

3. If you don’t want to go to clubs or concerts, you can always walk around Gamlastan or slussen during the night. Well it is getting colder but the view is just so amazing. You will see a lot of other tourists and students doing the same thing- roaming around and windowshopping (since all stores get closed at 8). And if your feet starts to ache from all that walking you could always go into a cafe. Most cafes are closed by 10 but there is a Wayne’s coffee near slussen which is open till 12 and the Expresso house at T-centralen which is open till 11. Me and a few girls from my floor did the same last Saturday. Hot chocolate with a blueberry muffin, that too at 11 pm just somehow made us more chatty and forget our feetaches 🙂

4. Parties at student housings are always great since you meet a lot of students from other universities but at the same time you do need friends who can let you know about these parties.

5. Try too look up online. This is serious, when I read (or when I have to read) my science papers, it is mostly 5-6 tabs for papers or online searching for papers and 5-6 more tabs for event searching. So I can look up events in Stockholm like a pro :D. Two good sites are http://www.ticnet.se and http://www.luger.se. If you have a better source do let me know.

6. If you reallyyyyyyyyyy want to go to this concert or party with an expensive entrance fee you can but then make sure you keep reminding yourself how much you spent for just one night of fun. I do the same, I keep reminding myself how I spent a fortune on the upcoming Band of Horses show.

7. Just call up your friends and cook or bake together.  And then watch a delicious movie while you have whatever you made as long as the end products you made are still edible 😛

I guess this was all I could write for now, hope all these tips are helpful. Have a lovely week ahead!

Hot chocolate + muffin = Bliss

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