Autumn inspires

It sounds so joyful – autumn is back in Stockholm. A lot of sunny days during the week, everyone forgot about snow and is out on the streets walking, running and biking again. I also did yet another biking trip to wonderful water views of the Old Town. Even student life and studies got some fresh air with a series of memorable events packing the schedule as never before. Everyone is trying to enjoy every moment of autumn inspiration!

1. Halloween Party organized by Biomedical students – zombies, vampires, corpses in plastic bags and even lecturers 🙂 Real entrepreneurs always have fresh idea! Thanks to all my classmates for being so creative.

2. “Egg drop” team building – six people had to come up with an idea to save the egg dropped from 2-meter height with help of five paper sheets, scissors, five clips and a tape. And… Our egg has survived! 🙂

3. Korean Kimbap cooking – my flatmate Yeonji organized a master class for me and Dasha (my guest from Russia) sharing some local traditions, like moms cooking rolls for a picnic having only sides of the dish left for themselves. Koreans call this “mom’s breakfast” 🙂

I don’t know how long will this weather last, but student life in Karolinska will definitely stay full of new events and emotions. Have a nice week and let it be full of new emotions!

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