I guess work has to come up sometime….:)

This week, as any other, has whizzed by. I can’t say that it has been taken up with hundreds of social events so I think maybe now is the time to talk a little about the Global health course and the associated work.

The Global health Master’s is a one year course. The course includes short modules, this year the modules are: a) An Introduction to Global Health, b) Research Methodology, c) Health Policy, Management and Economics, d) Infectious Diseases, e) Maternal and Child Health in a Global Perspective and f) Non-Communicable Diseases. There is also time dedicated to preparing for the degree thesis as well as a significant time taken up by the thesis it self.

The Modules
The modules are led by one or a couple of lecturers, sometimes these lecturers provide the bulk of the teaching for the module; however for some there are many other lecturers coming from all sorts of backgrounds. The modules are assessed with a mixture of examination as well as group work depending on the module. So far I have only been assessed in one module so my knowledge in this area is a little hazy. The examinations are sat towards the end of the module and subsequently marked and returned to you in a couple of weeks. The marking ranges from Fail, Good, Very Good and there is no cap on the number of people who can do Very Good so you are not competing against your peers for the better grade.

The Thesis
Just recently we were handed a sheet outlining all those people offering thesis supervision – that is they have a project in place which they would be willing to offer to a Master’s student to pursue. However, if you already have contacts or your own dataset then you are very much allowed to pursue this project.
Most students stay within Sweden to complete their thesis, basing their project on pre-collected datasets, however a select few will no-doubt travel to regions a-far. For this you may be lucky and already funded, or you may have to apply for funding early on…As such, if you have a topic in mind before you apply for the Master’s or immediately as you receive a place, it may be worth contacting the Global Health department to see what the prospects are for you. I feel that the earlier you start looking into the thesis project, the sooner you can relax and actually enjoy the project in hand.

Other areas of interest not directly related to the course
It is possible to attend lecture series, careers events as well as numerous other informative sessions to further your knowledge both of your course and otherwise. There is information on the KI website regarding what is going on, where and when…To access this information: go to the KI startpage (KI.se), if like me your Swedish isn’t great then I suggest clicking on the “In English” tab, once on the startpage go to “About KI” and then click on “KI calendar” which is on the right hand side. This will give you an idea about what is on. My favourite non-course event so far has been the Nobel Prize announcement in Physiology or Medicine, unfortunately I was unable to get into the lecture room for this, however, I stood out side in the hallway, watching the announcement and managed to obtain a Press Release which I no doubt will cherish for some time to come.

The Press Release from the Nobel Forum at the Karolinska Institutet

I hope this personal account of my time on the course so far has been, if nothing else, reassuring. I can’t promise that the information is 100% correct as it is based on my experience alone. If you have any questions feel free to contact me either by posting a response on the blog or privately by email: naieya.madhvani@stud.ki.se

In the meantime have a lovely week ahead.

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