Winter is coming


It’s been below zero for majority of the week with the first bits of white covering the road. Stockholm’s autumn colors are gradually going away, bikes are not as frequent on the streets and I look forward with a worry towards Swedish winter, which all my friends claimed to be a depressing contrast to summer beauties.

Outdoor sports was my biggest discovery in summer. The whole infrastructure motivated me to be sporty – runners all over the place make you feel awkward, if you don’t follow their example (just imagine 17000 people were running half-marathon in September), while SvD is the best invention that makes me call Stockholm the most “biking-and-running” city in the world. Every single weekend I was down the parking lot near Swedish Orphan Biovitrum, just 5 minutes away from my dormitory, ready to explore streets and parks of Stockholm.

Dancing was my other discovery in summer. I have tried some salsa classes at “MF Social Dans” in Karolinska and now I am thinking of going to salsa festival “Debaser” on December 1st, which, for sure, will be full of Karolinska students. I even tried a funny kizomba dance, which was a good to learn something new, but too controversial compared to salsa.

Indoor options are lined up already, but I am begging for some new outdoor options, as it happened with biking and running in summer. Maybe Biathlon World Cup in Östersund, which some Karolinska students are already planning to visit, Kungsgården ice skating or Hammarby ski slopes? Common, Winter, show me the beauties and prove my friends to be wrong! 🙂

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