Sugar and Spice and all thing’s nice

Before I arrived in Sweden, I can’t say that Swedish food was something I had heard much about! That said my knowledge of Sweden was pretty sparse. It wasn’t too long before I noticed that my clothes were feeling that little bit tighter! Day after day I’d was introduced to new, mouth-watering treats! Those that know me even a little, know that food is always on my agenda…So here I thought I’d share my experiences with you of all things food and Sweden! Note: my definition of food typically refers to all things sweet!

One of the first Swedish treats I was introduced to was Kanelbulle (cinnamon buns)! These hearty pastries are arguably one of the most consumed food products in Sweden! As I approach my tunnelbana (metro) station every morning, the delightful smell of cinnamon buns is hard to resist! It’s a surprise I manage to get to university every morning without a cinnamon bun being devoured! They are a perfect accompaniment to any coffee, be it breakfast coffee, fika coffee, coffee after dinner…cinnamon buns are perfect at any time of the day! And if this isn’t enough to convince you that cinnamon buns are the pride of Sweden, hear this, there is even a National Cinnamon Day….4th October in case you were wondering when this is! A seasonal twist on cinnamon buns are Lussekatter (saffron buns). These tend to be eaten just prior to Christmas, from around 1st December! I very much look forward to lussekatter and glögg (mulled wine).

A cinnamon bun and cup of coffee taken at “Vetekatten”, one of the famous cafes in Stockholm.
Thanks to my fika friend Laura for the picture!
Saffron buns fresh out of the oven.
Thanks to Oscar for the picture!

My love of chocolate is that little bit more than my love of sweet things in general, as such when I first visited Stockholm, I was introduced to Choklad bollar (chocolate dough balls)! These are made of oats (havre), sugar, a dash of coffee and just enough chocolate, rolled up in spherical balls and covered in pearl sugar! Easy to make and even easier to eat!

My rather dismal effort at chocolate dough balls. I suggest you visit a Swedish cafe and see what these should really look like!

And then there’s Princess tårta (Princess cake)! Princess cake is difficult to miss, a bright green cake, displayed in most fika cafes. Inside the cake is soft sponge, fresh cream, jam and a layer of marzipan! History has it that the young daughters of Prince Carl of Sweden were particularly fond of Green cake (as it was originally known) hence the change of name to Princess cake. I have made it my personal challenge to find the best Princess cake…I will keep you posted if I am particularly taken by one!

Enjoying Princess cake at “Vetekatten”.
Thanks to Laura for the picture.

A traditional and in my eyes, slightly healthier treat, is Blåbärspaj (Blueberry pie). Blueberries can be hand-picked in forests throughout Sweden and given that everyone has the right to enter these forests it is no surprise when talking to Swedish friends if they mention having picked many blueberries over the weekend! To say that I like blueberry pie is putting it lightly!

Scrumptious blueberry pie. Cooked by Marianne – brilliant cook all round!

Before I go, I have to mention Kladdkakan (Chocolate mud cake). This is something that one of my Swedish friends raved about from day 1…and I can see why! Essentially it’s chocolate, more chocolate and even more chocolate! It’s one of the few cakes that I can only manage a small slice of…! You can enjoy it with vanilla cream or ice cream….I prefer a bit of both..why not.

Chocolate mud cake and another great chef Ida!

Hopefully this has given you a taste, mind the pun, of foods you can look forward to tasting when here in Sweden! In the meantime, I’m going to have a rummage around the kitchen for something sweet 🙂

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