First stage completed :)

I am very happy to finish my first two exams in the Entrepreneurship program. It’s been a lot of effort for the last two weeks, but information from “Industrial Management” and “Project Management” courses is quite new for me and general feelings are enjoyable.

Project Management was not that much about exam, as about group work. We had a chance to put ourselves in Project Managers hats and manage a complex production re-org at a Swedish manufacturing company. We had to deliver a 15-page Project Initiation Document, which was a huge group effort involving loads of meetings and discussion. Some conflicts and tensions involved – just like in real life, but very enjoyable at the end.

Industrial Management was more about accounting hat. We analyzed annual reports of big public companies, like GE Healthcare or Johnson&Johnson, trying to judge performance and learn how to assess business profitability and investment returns. We have learnt some practical tips in financial analysis, which will serve us well in future work.

Straight after exams I flew over to Moscow to meet some friends and reflect on my first to months in Sweden. It’s pretty interesting to find yourself in two completely different realities that are both equal parts of you, but that’s a separate topic to think about in my second stage 🙂

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