Such sweetness…

Drink up! (at the Oktoberfest)
Photo credit: Michalis Panagiotakis
Photo credit: Ania Pawlik

Being an amateur blogger, I have been thinking about my second post for a while. It is getting colder by the day and I am still adapting. Having seen tropical climate and sometimes scorching heat all my life, it has not been so easy to adapt to the cold and I know it’s just autumn now, winter is yet to come. I was thinking of writing more about being a KI student in this post and all the changes I had to see and make, so here goes.
First it is the relaxed approach to education- not making a big deal out of mistakes the students make, more communication between the teacher and the student and fika every hour during the lectures. Fika is the Swedish word for coffee break and yes it is an important word to remember, especially when you are planning to move to Sweden. Coming from a country where I had to sit through a lecture for two straight hours without any breaks, this system made no sense to me for the first two weeks. We have this coffee machine in the student lounge at our department, so after each hour the professor gives us a break for 10-15 minutes and all the students rush to the lounge to get their coffee, chat and sometimes walk around. The first week I was surprised and was trying not to get used to it. The second week I kind of liked it. And on the third week, I was looking forward to the breaks. So yes, the coffee breaks between lectures did spoil me rotten.
Second were the professors, each being so involved in their own research projects but still taking the time out to really talk to the students and trying to know more about the ways to improve the program. As an exchange student once told me a few weeks back “They really take care of you. I am not used to that but I love it!”
Third, the courses are divided into lectures, seminars and group works. As I was used to a more traditional style of education- listening to lectures and having a final at the end of the course, this system was very new to me. Although the group works can get stressful at times, at the end of the day you do learn a lot – how to work with a case, how to work in a group and present the work in front of the whole class *shivers* (Yes I am one of those who start missing out words during presentations because of the damn nervousness). I will try to stop now but I do promise to share more stories in my next posts. Leaving you with a few pictures from my weekend-attended Oktoberfest on Friday, birthday party on Saturday and baked kanelbullar on Sunday, yep I did manage to have a fun-filled weekend. Take care and have a wonderful week ahead!

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