A new beginning…

Hello everyone! My name is Asma Islam and this is my first post as a digital ambassador for Karolinska Institutet. First a bit about myself, I am 23 years old and currently a Masters student in the Toxicology program. I come from Bangladesh.  I was born and brought up in Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates, then moved to Bangladesh when I was 19 to pursue my undergrad majoring in biochemistry and biotechnology.
So why did I choose KI and how did I end up here? I was aiming to get into the Toxicology program at KI since my second year. I did read good reviews both about the institution and the program.  So yes I almost made up my mind to come to KI when I was 21 years old. After two years of hard work, I did manage to get in. But then again, KI had something else which had me glued to my decision since my second year. It was the word “contribute”. Yes I love this word (a bit dramatic, I know 🙂 ). And I came by this word at the KI website-“marked by a passion for research and a drive to contribute to the improvement of human health”. I want to contribute as well, so I trusted my instinct and made up my mind. But coming to Sweden from the other side of the world was a big decision- for me and my family. So after a few what ifs and raised eyebrows, my dad did say yes to my decision and soon I was packing my bags.
My first impression about Stockholm was how beautiful the city was and how it managed to blend in the old and modern architecture, with a perfect balance. I did not regret getting lost in the city, not at all! And then there was the grand two-day orientation at KI which was overwhelming and fun at the same time. Meeting so many students from all over the world sort of made sense as to why people call KI an island with a diverse environment.
My classes started from 3rd of September and I have been on my feet since then- enjoying and learning new things almost every single day. And now it has been almost two eventful months since I came here – made good friends, went to whirlwind trips and learnt new things about different people, places and cultures.
I will be posting more about my experiences here in Stockholm and as a student at KI. Do post your comments, suggestions and queries or email me. I will do my best to answer them or get them answered. Thanks for reading 🙂
– Asma

2 thoughts on “A new beginning…

    1. Hi Georgie, yes KI can be a bit unconventional sometimes but I guess that’s how their approach is. I assume you had a good time when you were here. Good luck with everything!

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