Sweden from first sight – how is it?

Hej-hej! (It is “Hello” in Swedish) Are you looking for insider information? Then you are on the right way:)

It is October the 13’th and it is already 7 weeks since i arrived at Stockholm. It is my first time in Stockholm, first time in Scandinavia and first experience of studying abroad. After 7 weeks i can declare one important thing  – i’m enjoying being here!!

My name is Dina and before coming to Sweden I used to live in Moscow (Russia) for the whole my life. I was travelling a lot but have never lived in other countries. So you can imagine how worried I was before coming to Sweden: different culture, unknown language, cuisine and many others things. The only thing I knew for sure, that I found my perfect Master’s Course at Karolinska and I had no right to miss this opportunity. Fortunately, my fears didn’t come true and I want to share with you some of my discoveries:)

  1. Language: Swedish people speak English excellently! Both shop assistant and bus driver will answer your questions in English. No worries about that!
  2. Weather: yes, yes, Sweden is a northern country, summer ends at the end of august and now in October temperature is about +10. But weather is perfect: there are a lot of sunny days and now everyone enjoys “golden autumn”.  Just check the photos, they are real:)
Photo is taken on 5th of October. May be Stockholm is not so “Northern”:)

Image3. People: “Nordic people never smile and they are not communicative” – forget about this. I was amazed how much people smile in Stockholm. I remember clearly my first time I came to Student Affairs Office at Karolinska to get some documents. I felt myself at home from the very first minute as I was asked how was my trip, my first impressions; it was lovely conversation filled with smiles. As in every country, in Sweden you can meet different people. If you open for communication – it won’t any problem to find friends.

I’ll continue to present the results of my “Swedish research” . See you soon, vi hörs!

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