To follow on from @caitlinlongman very informative and fun post on what the best places to visit are in Sweden, I coincidentally happened to be going to fotografiska the following day! This is a little video I did there, it was a very good experience and I can completely see what Caitlin meant. This museum is a photography museum and is according to Tripadvisor a MUST SEE here in Stockholm, so then I felt quite bad having lived here for a year and half that I had never been so off I went! The good thing with this museum too is that they change photographer often enough that you can go back and forth and come out with differing experiences. I liked the style of those who were featured when I went, especially the Israeli-jewish-gay photographer depicting his hardships and of those around him which evoked strong sense of sadness but also of bravery.

Unfortunately the cafe in Fotografiska was absolutely packed and so we could find no seats! However this worked out in our favour as then we went to Gamla Stan and found a cute littel cafe for some cake and coffee, again a cafe I had never been. It seems that was a day of firsts! Hope you like this little video!

Karolinska Solna Hospital Walkabout

So I was in the vicinity of Karolinska Solna hospital yesterday and so decided to do a little video of the area. While it is difficult to show areas where medical students hang out and canteen etc as I am not a medical student I did however think it might be useful to those coming to KI and not knowing anything of what KI hospital looks like, maybe even to calm some nerves and also give some useful information such as how close it is to KI Solna campus and that all buses go from right outside the main entrance! Anyway here it is!

An interesting 16 personalities test

Recently in our Marketing Analysis course, we found an interesting tool to find out our personalities. It is the 16 personalities test, which is widely used now in many companies nowadays.

Basically, it groups you to four ‘colors’, purple, green, blue and yellow. Further down there are four types of personalities in each color. Take myself for example, I am a ‘green’ person (diplomat), and I could be either advocate or protagonist from four tests I did.

Screen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.23.16 amScreen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.23.22 amScreen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.23.40 amScreen Shot 2015-03-04 at 10.23.33 am

I used to dislike all these psychological tests, but I change my mind after doing this test. The website is beautifully designed with lovely icons. I also like the idea of knowing who are some famous people sharing similar personality with me. However, this kind of test is usually an indication, not a diagnosis nor a definition. Find the most encouraging thing and carry it with you in the future!

It takes you around 8min to take this test, why not have a try?

The link to the test

Have fun!


Health Informatics Study Visits– 2

In the previous blog i had begun documenting some of the study visits, i have participated as part of the previous course in the health informatics.                           The study activities were scheduled basing on the lecture course under study and were meant to reinforce the course content and provide a practical perspective from individuals handling some of the practical aspects of the course. I will give a brief highlight on each visit,the course (Computer applications in health care) was divided into three parts of clinical informatics,consumer informatics and public health informatics and visits corresponded to these parts.

Physician presenting at liljeholmen primary care center

Physician presenting at liljeholmen primary care center

Cambio AB                                                                                                                         This was to one of the lead e-health development companies within Stockholm, providing a range of IT solutions in healthcare, with it’s mix of medical professionals and technology developers, it made it the ideal place to gain an insight into the process of health information’s systems development . Their main innovation being ‘Cambio COSMIC’ an electronic health system used in hospitals and private health providers  in Sweden and beyond.                                                                                                           An introduction to some of the clinical decision support systems under development or implementation by the company was also done during the lectures at Cambio .               This was complemented by a presentation by KI masters students doing thesis at Cambio.

Department of E-Health Stockholm County                                                                   This was to give a feel on the running of the E-health at Stockholm County council with presentation on the administrative structure at the county council and department.            A presentation was also made on some of the in-house software systems the E-Health department is developing.                                                                                              We had to participate in the development process by providing an alternative visualization of information in the Janus toolbar a decision support system integrated into the Electronic Patients system with one of it’s tasks to determine drug reactions knowledge databases  basing on diagnosis made to a patient to improve on patient safely

Liljeholm Primary Care Center                                                                                     This was a more low key visit to a typical primary care center in Sweden. Liljeholm center is within Stockholm. Gained an understanding of how the care processes within the center operate. Interaction was with physicians and few other staff on care process and a brief demonstration on the use of electronic health records (EHR) within the hospital which was specifically the Take Care system, the main patient records system in Stockholm county.

European Center for disease control.                                                                           Final study visit which was related to public health informatics was to European center for disease control (ECDC).The offices of the  ECDC are imposing structures within karolinska institutet solna vicinity. Presentations by staff at the ECDC were related to disease surveillance systems used  within the EU. This is complemented by presentation on the workings of some of the surveillance systems, deployed to provide early detection of epidemics through epidemic intelligence and tools used including Threat tracking tools,early warning and response systems and web-based tools including blogs and social media especially twitter.



Tallinn: A Cruise Trip in Winter

Among my friends, a cruise trip to Tallinn has long been in our agenda, yet of course there were many things to be put into considerations while arranging this kind of trip. Schedule, for example. Since most of the cruise departed on Friday evening (unless you were willing to skip the class on weekdays, which is not advisable :p), it is of course better to arrange it when we had no class on that day (which sometimes is not the case). However, we were kind of ‘lucky’ this time because for the first course in this semester, we actually might have one of our Fridays ‘free’, given that we had submitted our take home exam before deadline on that day :P To make it more exciting, we actually found that the cabin price for the cruise on that day to be really affordable, so we decided to book it! Tallinn, here we go! :D

On the day of the departure, one of my friends came to my place and we prepared some dishes for our dinner. Other friends did the same on their own places and we made an appointment to meet at T-centralen/Ropsten station to go to the port together. Since I was the one who was responsible for the ticket booking, I was so nervous all the way. What if somebody missed the schedule? What if I booked the wrong destination and on the wrong day? My head was full of those thoughts and it wasn’t until we finally got the boarding pass that I finally could assure myself that everything was OK ^^’

We departed from Stockholm at 17:30 and scheduled to arrive on the following day at 10:45 (+1 hour difference). Unlike our previous trip, this time we got the cabins at the highest deck (still no windows, though) but we got a TV on our cabin! It was a good thing, because we were planning to watch Melodifestivalen on our way back home XD

Although it seemed like a long journey, we actually managed to find various activities to spend our time. Eating, for example :P and visiting the duty free shops. Playing games. Going to the sundeck and watched the ship moved (it was dark, actually, but still). Later at night night we watched some performances and some of us even went to the dance floor (not me :P )

It was so cloudy and windy when we arrived in Tallinn the following day, so… coffee first! It was raining when we finished our coffee (and tea, and chocolate, and soup :p), but it didn’t lower our spirit to explore the city! Every now and then we would see the signs in front of the buildings that explained a short history about them. The most challenging part was when we went to the old town wall and climbed the stairs (it was so high! XD )

We only had approximately 7 hours to explore the city but it was enough for us. I like that it was so colorful in Tallinn, in the part I visited, at least ;)

But my most favorite part of this trip? Of course seeing the whole city from the viewing point when it started snowing :D

See you in the next post! ;)

P.S. Thanks to Marios, Oscar, Ying, Christiane, Dan, and Mateus who had made this trip incredibly fun! :D

5 helpful apps for international students in Sweden

Inspired by Laura’s recommendation on apps for master thesis, I decide to write about the five most important apps I download after coming to Sweden.

1. Unknown  Res i STHLM


It is an app to check your public transport information in Stockholm. There many similar apps for people to check such as Google map, but I found res i STHLM very accurate and easy to use. The only problem is that it uses Swedish interface, so you might need to play with several buttons to get used to it. By using the app, you could find the nearest bus station or metro station, and you can also highlight frequent stops and routines. There are many more features that I will explore and hope it would be helpful for new students coming to Sweden.

2.  Unknown-3Mecenat


Mecenat is the student association in Sweden which gives you a lot of student discount and the right to queue for student housing. If you become a member of the student union in your universities, you usually get Mecenat membership automatically. You need to confirm this with your local student union as well.

The mobile app is very important because you can have an electronic card after you install the app, so that you don’t need to bring a plastic card with you all the time. And you also get some discount information or coupons sent as notifications. I use the Mecenat discount a lot for online shoppling, such as Sportamore, Bodystore and Zalado. You can get discount from 10% to 30% which saves your pocket money as a poor student!

3.  Unknown-5Comviq


For most international students, Comviq may be the first telephone company you would use when you arrive at Sweden. There are always people giving away free Comviq telephone card in Metro station and on the streets. You just need to activate the card and charge money and you can use it.

After installing the app, you can check the information about the cellular data you have, the money for call etc. And you can always purchase new package or buy extra cellular data in the app. Compared to other companies like Tele2 and Telia, I found Comviq most convenient to use for international students.

4. Unknown-7  ICA Banken/Nordea Bank/ other Banks mobile app


I use ICA Student bank account which is free from annual charge and you can always deposit money at the cashier in ICA supermarket. As ICA bank is mostly internet based, it is essential to have online banking and mobile app. With the app, you can check your account detail, transfer money and pay your bills. As Sweden is famous for ‘non-cash’, it is time for you to try out the new way of banking in your phone! For other banks, there should be mobile app as well. you may ask the stuff when you open bank account.

5. Unknown-9  BankID

For all Swedish banks, you can apply for a Bank ID, which is very helpful if you are dealing with tax and other issues related to tax office in Sweden. For example, if you want to change your home address registered at the tax office, you could change it online with your bank ID. The home address is linked to your personal number and it is very important for you change it when you move to your new address. This is what I am doing right now as I move to a new dorm this week.

With your own bank ID, you can use SWISH, which is a handy app for people to transfer money between each other. SWISH is very popular when you are making deals on (Sweden’s biggest second hand online market).

Final words: there are many other interesting apps for you to explore, such as restaurant recommendation app or good places to travel etc. But they are usually not only limited to Sweden, so they are not the topic of this blog. I hope you would find out more interesting apps and share with me, then I could write a new blog about funny apps in Sweden ;)

A Linked in Pop Up Workshop

LinkedIn has already become the leading career development social network and one of the best ways to land at international jobs. I have learned this just last week while googling to decided weather to attend or not the LinkedIn workshop at KI.

Almost every one of us wants to go forward in our professional career. However, only few people benefit from having a continuously updated, all-star profile on professional social networks like LinkedIn. Some of us, including myself are not well aware of the potential importance of these social networks. That is the main reason why I wanted to write this blog departing from the KI LinkedIn workshop.

The workshop was organized by KI Career Service Office in collaboration with PhD Career Link. Workshop attendees received a one-to-one coaching from fellow students trained for the workshop, LinkedIn ‘super-users’. There were also opportunities for participants to have a processional LinkedIn profile photograph. A copy of LinkedIn profile checklist was also provided.

Though I cannot present the entire details of the one-to-one coaching, I would like to talk about few important points, which you might be interested to know. You can choose your profile to be viewable in more than one language so that people can access it in their own language. You can set to receive e-mail job alerts in the areas of your interest or from organizations you want to work at. You can also ask for and give recommendations. can be used as a great source of related information and important tips to improve your LinkedIn profile.

Does the KI Career Service Office planning any other relevant events? The following seminar and workshop are the near future plans of the office. You can look at the self-explanatory posters of the events for further information.

11009738_10206193513822521_452225356_o 5  11028132_10206193513902523_510730918_o

I would like to thank Anethe Mansén (Career Program Officer) for providing me with these posters and brief information.

Blessed weekend!                                                                                                     Befikadu