A few lines to welcome the new students! I had the chance to attend part of the introduction days for new Master students and I was really happy of seeing all of you starting this exciting adventure. I can not really believe how fast my first year is gone. I also could meet some of the students I  exchange email messages with. It is nice to “give a face” to those names. And now I know new faces I need to match with their names.

Today we, three digital ambassadors that were there, received many questions about expectations and concerns and I acknowledge answering all of them would had take several hours and even after that many new questions would be wrtitten on the board.

Maybe you will see me in one corridor during the following weeks. If you have any additional question or only want to say “Hi” I will be happy to talk with you. For the public Health people, Laura and me will be in your class room for 15 minutes answering questions and providing advice, if we can.

And do not forget, you can always write to my email: mauricio.duque.arrubla@stud.ki.se

Internships Within Bioentrepreneurship

I know before I began my course that I wondered about the internship experience within this master programme. How long is it? Where can I work? Is it limited? These were all questions which went through my mind and I was confused and worried all at the same time!

Sometimes job hunting can feel like a chess game..

The opportunity of an internship was certainly a huge draw for me and an important way to gain valuable experience before graduating. This I know far too well as my Bachelor course of which I spent 4 long years working in education was reduced to little true value once I graduated and began job hunting because I didn’t have the ‘work experience’. I found it very difficult to find a job with which I knew I had the capacity and capabilities, but it seems if you do not have the work experience you do not have the job. Hence why this course appealed to me so much. Thus I decided to create a Vlog about this subject matter within my master Bioentrepreneurship and explain a little of each of the 3 internships!

Interesting links compilation (or I think they could be)

New students are already in Stockholm. Some of us, olddies, were receiving them at Arlanda airport (and welcoming also students from all Stockholm universities). Now they are hungry of valuable information about living in Stockholm. It is a beautiful city but it is new for most of them and tips are highly appreciated.

Student ambassadors, active or retired, have written a lot of posts including valuable info: I am trying to bring some of their post here to have them in one only place, easily to find for our new friends. Before finishing the all bloggers review I found I already had a lot of links so i stopped the search. Maybe you read the most recent ones when you were waiting for your trip to Stockholm. The list below is focused in the oldest posts although I included Preethi’s ones as I started the review by her posts. You can find all the bloggers here http://studentblogski.wordpress.com/meet-the-bloggers/

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Housing, accomodation
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Cultural diferences, adaptation, life
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Weekends, fun, etc
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General tips
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Digital Health Days 2014

Digital Health Days

is part of a five year effort to make Stockholm a leader in digital health. Digital Health Days is not designed to simply search for answers. Rather, its purpose is to help identify and ask questions. This year, there are over 550 participants, ~ 20 workshops, product demonstrations, and lots of networking!

There are a large number of KI students among the student ambassadors, and we really look forward to building up our contacts and to see the future of digital health. The schedule is a bit long – we are asked to be there at 6.45 AM and help throughout the entire day. Stay tuned to see how today’s pioneers think about digital health!

IMG_4289Dina Titkova and Mina Makar taking a sneak peak during rehearsal.


Arriving in Stockholm

Now that it is already nearing the end of August, I can’t help thinking about the day when I first arrived in Stockholm one year ago. I want to recount some of my memories of coming to Stockholm last year to give you an impression of my first experiences here and give some last-minute advice to those who are starting introduction week in just two days to add to Mauricio’s and Alexandra’s wise words about how to prepare for KI.

I remember arriving in Arlanda after my overnight flight and transfer in Frankfurt barely able to keep my eyes open. Luckily, I had signed up for the KI pick-up service that Andrew wrote about here. The fourth-year medical student who was in charge of picking me up had already advised me on a cheap way to get into the center of town using the bus company called Flygbussarna. I boarded the bus with a pre-printed ticket and headed to central station where we met. Immediately she helped me purchase a three-month SL student ticket in order to use all public transportation in Stockholm and a Comviq SIM card from the nearest Pressbyrån convenience store. After that, she accompanied me to the apartment I had rented for two weeks from Airbnb on the island of Lidingö and bid me adieu. Needless to say, I was giddy with joy when I took a walk around the island that evening surrounded by views like this one:


The next days were filled with taking in more picturesque views. I highly recommend taking one of the free ferry rides that is included in your public transportation card, where you can catch views like this one:


Soon enough, it was time to begin Introduction Week, which started with the three-day Swedish language course. As Mauricio said in the post I referred to above, I found it important to attend this course in order to meet new people. In fact, this was one of the best chances I had in the past year to meet people from the other master’s programs. Here is a picture of some us meeting up outside of the Jägargatan student home later in the week:


Soon enough, it was time to move out of the Airbnb apartment into an apartment I ended up sharing with my husband and a very nice couple for the entire academic year. They were kind enough to pick us up with their car and take care of some obligatory business, like make a run to IKEA. The apartment was actually located on a bus line that led directly to IKEA, but I’ve heard that there is a free shuttle to IKEA from the city center if you need to purchase any furniture or household supplies.IMG_1880

Our new flatmates last year were two sweet people who invited us along with their friends for a late summer Swedish barbecue at a nearby lake. Swedish summer really is as idyllic as it looks!IMG_1931

It’s great to reflect on last August in Stockholm because it makes me excited to return there in just a few days time. To the first-year students in both Public Health Sciences tracks: your course leader has invited Mauricio and me to your classroom on the first day of the new semester. We will be there to say a few brief words about our tracks, but more importantly, to answer your questions. We are excited to meet you!

UPDATE: Intro Week in the Aula Medica

So following on from my Vlog which showed the intro week location, it turns out that due to ongoing maintenance this location has now changed to the Aula Medica, in my video at the very beginning I mention the Aula Medica, it is not easy to miss. A huge architectural wonder of glass makes it stand out- a lot. Regardless I have included a picture here. The Aula is in the beginning of the video I have in my previous blog- sorry for any confusion.

Karolinska-Institutet-Aula-Medica-by-Wingårdh-Architects03The Aula Medica


Swedish Network for Master’s in International and Public Health

Over the past year, I was lucky enough to network with two outstanding individuals – Suvi Ristolainen (Lund University) and Simone Mohrs (Uppsala University). With Simone’s motivation and hard work, the Swedish Network for Master’s in International and Public Health (SNMIPH) was created.

Its design is to connect students and alumni from the various public health and related programmes across Sweden, sharing project ideas, employment opportunities, and events. I hope you can take a quick look, or even give us a like. xD


Our mission is to connect public health, international and global health master students across Sweden and create an exchange of information, ideas as well as close collaboration between the partner universities.
We would like to contribute to an improved professional life of a public health or international / global health student and to establish close contact with alumni from the respective universities.

The student councils of the participating universities in Sweden (at the moment Lund University, Karolinska Institutet, Umeå University and Uppsala University) are working together to connect public health, international and global health master students across Sweden. We would like to create an exchange of information, ideas and close collaboration between the partner universities. Our aim is to improve the professional life of a public health or international / global health student and also to establish close contact with alumni from the respective universities.


Year 2 – Summer activities and ambitions

I haven’t been active in the summer, but my internship has ended and I’m back in lovely Stockholm. This gives me two things: a tiny bit of free time and motivation. So, with those two things in mind…

I, Daniel Yen, do solemnly vow to…

1) Make blog posts every Monday.

- I’m on of those people that thrives from having everything scheduled. So my goal is to put in a post every Monday at 7:45 AM (CEST) – even if I am buried under three mountains worth of work. Hold me accountable.

2) Set up my thesis preparations by November.

- I really want to find something I enjoy doing and will further direct my career. I started searching in the summer, and now I need to narrow down my choices and finalize a research proposal.  As a side note, I would really like to do something that can be published.

Even though I’ve only been back 4 days, there are a lot of things planned: dance performances, career fairs, conferences, student union activities, inter-university networks, and etc. So stay tuned, and expect those weekly updates!

Introduction Week- How to get there

***EDIT*** The intro week will actually be in the Aula Medica which I have been informed is as a result of ongoing maintenance in the Library building. Thus this video in the very beginning shows where this is! The big huge crystal like building, which is even easier to find! ***

I know myself last year, I was very fortunate coming from PAX that the bus 507 dropped me to KI, however I did not know where KI actually was having never been, and given my lack of time planning I was nervous about being late. Luckily, I quite literally followed a group of obvious KI students to the library and ultimately the introduction week! So given my overall awkwardness, I felt it important that other students not have to endure as I have and so have laid out a video of where the Intro week, in the Karolinska (Solna campus) will kick off for those new students! This video end location of KI does not include the 3 day language course which is located close to the metro stop ‘Odenplan’ on the green line ( If it is the same location as last year that is). This is for the final two days!

I hope this video is helpful.. I understand I ramble and maybe the audio could be louder- any clarification please feel free to email, for this or any other questions you may have.


Working in Sweden

In response to many questions I have been emailed I decided to write a blog on working in Stockholm and Sweden itself. I, and Adeeb have been Vlogging all summer and we have done some Vlogs on this subject matter based on our experiences. Please watch the Vlogs below. I hope this helped.